Olde English Leathernecks
The Marines of York County,South Carolina


Welcome Olde English Leathernecks Detachment #1123

Founded in 1923 by Lieutenant General John A Lejeune, the Marine Corps League is the only federally chartered Marine Corps-related veterans organization in the United States. The Marine Corps League is a Veterans Organization composed of Marines, Former-Marines, active duty Marines, Marine Reservists and Fleet Marine Force Navy Corpsman.  The one and only membership qualification is honorable service in excess of 90 days in the Marine Corps. This means that regardless of rank held, regardless of when or where you served, or what division or wing he/she served with that Marine is welcome. Semper Fidelis!

Click Marine Corps League for history of the League, by which this Detachment is guided.

Contact our Commandant Paul Tate at: tate1369@hotmail.com

Olde English Leathernecks, Det 1123
PO Box 733
Rock Hill,SC 29731

We meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 1900 / 7:00 PM:

VFW Post #2889
732 West Main Street
Rock Hill, SC 29730

*There is a no smoking and no drinking policy during our meetings.

The Title

It Can Not be Inherited

Nor Can it Even be Purchased

You or No One Alive

Can Buy It for Any Price

It is Impossible to Rent

and It Can Not be Lent

You Alone and Our Own

have Earned It

with Your Sweat, Blood and Lives.

You Own It Forever

The Title: "United States Marine"


If you are interested in joining the Marine Corps League, and the Olde English Leatherneck Detachment #1123, fill out the form below, and bring it with you to our meeting, the 2nd Tuesday of the month at the VFW address above.